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Business Rates Review - Consultation Conclusion

Dated 17 Nov 2021 - Evans & Payne LLP

• Business Rates will continue and not be abolished, however there will be some changes.

• Revaluations will now take place every 3 years from 2023.

• There will no time limit for Challenging Rateable Values until 2026 when a 3-month window will be introduced. We will continue to campaign against such a draconian limitation.

• Government will continue to consult on an Online Sales Tax which will have wider implications.

• There will be no fee to submit a Challenge. Fees will continue to be paid to Appeal a Decision Notice to Valuation Tribunal

• Government will continue to utilise a number of existing Reliefs to help some businesses.

• An annual Duty to Notify VO of rents and physical changes to properties will be phased in during the course of the 2023 Rating List.

• The initial Check stage will continue for the 2023 List but will be replaced by a Duty to Notify annually from 2026.

• Checks in respect of Material Changes in Circumstances will continue but the Government will legislate to clarify what factors can be considered.

• The Government has decided not to restrict Appeals to occupiers and Ratepayers. Landlords can continue to make Appeals.

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