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How to  Register Your Property on the

HMRC / Valuation Office website

It is important that you complete this registration.  Evans & Payne will not be able to deal with your instructions to appeal your Rateable Value until you register. 


Please click on “Don’t have a Government Gateway ID and Password” to create a ID and password to access the Valuation Office Agency website.

Please click below to Register your property (ies)

1 - 6 Steps below to Complete your Registration on the HMRC / VO website

1. Register your yourself and your company details - *Note ! : HMRC will ask for your personal details to verify who you are before allowing you access to them. Anyone can register on behalf of your company.

2. Register your company details - registered address of company.

3. Once successfully completed, and you are in Manage Properties, click on the “My Properties” tab.

4. In this tab, click "Add Property" and follow the instructions (You will need a copy of your latest Rates Bill scanned and ready as a PDF to upload when asked in this next step. Note down the reference number.

5. Once you have added your properties, go back into “My Properties” tab, and click on "Appoint Agent".

6. Appoint Evans & Payne as your Agent – use our agent code: 40812 and click "Yes" to Check and Challenge and then accept. 

Once you have completed the above, we will then be sent a request from HMRC / VO to our Evans & Payne Manage Properties Dashboard - where we will accept your request. By confirming your request, we will now be linked to your dashboard and properties claimed and allows us to continue the Check Challenge Appeal process, as your appointed agents.


Please let us know by email or phone once you have fully completed the registration and appointed Evans & Payne as agents.

If you need guidance on this process, please either call us or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

020 7486 9597

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