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Evans & Payne is a specialist firm of Chartered Surveyors established since 1979

Zero Tolerance Policy 2024


At Evans & Payne LLP we look to treat everyone with courtesy, professionalism and respect. Therefore, we politely ask that you do the same to our staff, that is without any violence, abusive, threatening or harassing behaviour.

Our Staff have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

They should be able to do their jobs without being physically or verbally abused

Most people respect this.

This behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

Our staff and contractors have the right to work without fear from anyone. This could be verbal or physical or written abuse, which would cause them to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, threatened or in fear, which is totally unacceptable.


Our ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY includes verbal or physical threats made in person, over the telephone or in any form of written communication. The Zero Tolerance Policy applies to all forms of communication physical or electronic form.

To understand what we would consider inappropriate and non-acceptable behaviour to be, here are descriptions of those behaviours.





Any display of a violent temper, shouting, raised voices, sarcasm, pointing fingers.   repeated or insistent points being made; not engaging with staff in a positive way; being pushy or trying to intimidate staff hostile or aggressive behaviour threats, swearing, spitting any mention or display of any object that could be used as a weapon.  





The intentional nonphysical action that can be considered intimidating or harassing or involves the explicit or implicit challenge to the safety, well-being or health of an individual.





Criminal offences will be perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by hostility or prejudice based on the victim’s disability, race, religion, belief, sexual orientation or gender identity.

This would also include verbal abuse, physical assault, any form of damage to property, threatening behaviour, intimidation, or harassment. If a criminal offence is committed, it will be also recorded as a hate incident and later used as evidence in court.


Using aggressive, threatening, or abusive language (including raising the voice, swearing and cursing, shouting over the phone or physically) threatens or intimidates staff in any way making them feel vulnerable and in fear.


All instances of threats of verbal, written or physical abuse will be immediately reported to the police.


We thank you for your cooperation.

Evans & Payne LLP

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