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Evans & Payne is a specialist firm of Chartered Surveyors established since 1979



Evans & Payne LLP- Chartered Surveyors carry out office and site activities.
The company produces site surveys for the purpose of business rate appeals. The employees of Evans & Payne LLP are committed to implementing, continuously improving, and communicating this Environmental Policy Statement.

Evans & Payne LLP will:

» Make adequate budgetary resources available to implement this policy.

» Implement an Environment Management System. This will be the responsibility of a nominated member of the management team. This will provide a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

» Consider environmental issues in the business decision-making process.

» Comply with environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.

» Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.

» Monitor progress and review our environmental performance on an annual basis. Or, if our processes or legislation change.

» Make the environment an agenda item at management meetings.

» Reduce our pollution, emissions and waste where reasonably practicable.

» Reduce the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies.

» Use sustainable raw materials, energy and supplies where reasonably practicable.

» Assess the environmental impact of all historic, current and likely future operations.

» Expect similar environmental standards from our suppliers and contractors.

» Assist customers to use our products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way.

» Cooperate with our neighbours and the communities we operate in and to participate in environmental discussions.

» Show a commitment to social and ethical principles.

» Via our website, make this policy statement available to the public.

Inquiries on Environmental Policy may be addressed to the Evans & Payne Compliance Team -


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