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Requires validation of the VOA’s property survey data and full disclosure of all physical changes to the property.


If a change to the property is required for example part has been sublet then full details of the changes including floor plans need to be submitted at the Check phase. Likewise details of material changes need to be flagged to the VOA via the Check process.


Once a check has been submitted the Valuation Officer will review any changes detailed in the Check and where appropriate will amend the Rateable Value but be warned Rateable values can increase as well as decrease.


The VOA is aiming to clear checks within 12 weeks of submission and they are deemed to have ended 12 months after submission. Once a Check has been concluded there is a 4 month window of opportunity to then Challenge the basis of valuation. However for material changes the window is 16 months from the date of submission to allow the gathering of evidence.

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